• Amy Errington

Cross Stitch and Flower Arranging: New Blog Activities

Try something different this week with our two new blog tutorials: Getting Started with Cross Stitch and Flower Arranging.

Our first tutorial provides inspiration for trying cross stitch. It is an incredibly calming and relaxing activity that can help to keep your hands busy and your mind active.

The tutorial will provide a wee guide on getting started and you will find inspiration for patterns on our Pinterest page.

You can cross stitch absolutely anything or even come up with your own design.

Click here to read more.

In our second tutorial, Vanessa will provide inspiration for getting started with flower arranging.

The examples provided are incredibly vibrant and cost little!

If this is your kind of thing, we have an Ikebana online workshop planned for the 28th September, so get in touch if you are interested.

Read the full activity here.

If you are inspired to give any of these activities a try, please send us a photo of your creations!