• Amy Errington

Financially Savvy and Crafty? Post Pack 11

Pack 11 will soon be with you.

This week, we are looking at how to be financially savvy - something we that we can combine with both wellbeing and creativity. Vanessa has plenty of ideas for you, including:

  • Wellbeing: Information on having a clear out to potentially reselling old items and a beginner's guide to budgeting.

  • Health: Inspiration for a collective dancing project that you might want to get involved with and a collection of ideas and recipes for making your own cleaning products,

  • Creativity: A tutorial on creating your own make up remover, a heart corner bookmark (with three pattern templates), an origami heart tutorial and two crafting themed colouring pages.

We would love to see a photo of anything you make. You can contact us using these details.