• Amy Errington

Flags and Felt Flowers: New Blog Tutorials

Get inspired to brighten up your home this week, with our two new blog tutorials: lace bunting and felt flower wreaths. Both activities complement our theme for this week of coming together and celebrating as they add such a festive and party spirit to a room.

Vanessa will first teach you to craft your own lace bunting using spare fabric that you may have around the house.

This is a great project if you are looking for something that will keep you busy for a number of hours and leave you with something you can use.

You can adapt this in many ways, using different fabrics or ribbon types.

Click here to read the full tutorial.

Following this, Vanessa has put together a photo tutorial to guide you through designing a felt flower wreath. This was one of the activities that we did together in Vanessa's digital class last week.

You can use materials that you have around the house, or collect a materials pack during our collection times which will contain what you need.

These flower wreaths look beautiful when made and, like most of our activities, can be adapted to your own style and preferences. Choose your own colour scheme or add embellishments such as buttons. You could also update it when the seasons change, such as adding orange leaves for autumn and snow for winter!

Click here for the full tutorial.

Please send us a photo if you make either of these as we would love to see.