• Amy Errington

New Activities: Get Inspired by Nature

Our activities for this week cover both the themes of creativity and nature, incorporating reflection and colour to create wonderful results.

In our first activity, Vanessa has planned a calming watercolour tutorial. Using simple items, you can create striking work using a spectrum of colours.

The idea of letting the paint do what it wants, creating patterns and new colours when merging, is a calming and powerful activity by enabling you give control to the materials then seeing what the result is. Each time you try this, you will get something different.

Click here to take a look.

In our next activity, Vanessa encourages you to get back in to nature. As part of your daily exercise, take a photo or clipping of a plant and use this as inspiration for a creative sketching activity. You do not need to be able to draw at all - the fun is in actually doing the activity and reflecting on what you see.

Again, this is something that will give different results each time, so why not try a few different sketches?

Click here for the tutorial.

If you try any of this activities, please send us a photo. It would be lovely to see what you create!