• Amy Errington

Get Ready: Giant Group Cross Stitch Project!

Vanessa has had an amazing idea for a group project that we can all do at home. Read below for her update:

"To demonstrate that art can be anything and everything - I thought we would make a piece of art together. Albeit still separately in our own homes, we can collectively create. Cross stitch, knitting and crochet are among a few favourites in our classes and they are pieces of art in their own right. Sometimes art simply becomes art due to the way you present it. We are going to make advantage of that by making a HUGE cross stitch piece of art which we will display in our windows at Gallery 966. Think about the joy you can have whilst creating it, and the joy people will gain from seeing it!

In order to join this collective piece of art - you can collect your square piece of chicken wire mesh at Gallery 966 in a collection pack from next week Wednesday (29th July) onwards. In your pack you will find a pattern and wool to work with too. You will be asked to return your piece of art by the 24th of August, giving you approx. a month to create it. Then I will install it as a window display for all to enjoy!"

Join us and give it a try!