• Amy Errington

Glitter Craft: New Blog Tutorials

Our new blog tutorials for this week look at creative ways of using glitter in your crafts. Continuing the glitter theme in your post packs, these will hopefully inspire you to create something amazing.

In our first activity, Vanessa will show you how to add glitter and gold to a canvas to add sparkle. This can be done by reusing one of your previous crafts, such as the pour paint canvas, or you could choose a print or photo that you already have.

Both glitter and gold leaf have been used in the example. You could use whatever you find around the house, such as sequins from a broken bag or glitter from an old birthday card.

Click here for the tutorial.

Tutorial 2 will explore baking and how we can use edible glitter to completely change the look of a simple cake. Vanessa has experimented with applying buttercream and edible glitter, with interesting results.

This is a great craft to use if you are quickly looking to redesign a birthday cake in a quirky way for someone who loves sparkle.

Click here to read more.

We hope that you enjoy giving these activities a try. Like Vanessa and I, you may be left finding glitter everywhere for days after.

If you make anything, please send us a photo!