• Amy Errington

Growing Bulbs and Shrinking Plastic: New Blog Tutorials

Get started with bulb planting, or be creative with shrinking plastic, with our two new activities.

In our first tutorial, Vanessa will show you how to craft 'Krimpie Dinkie' using shrinking plastic. She has used very sweet little templates as examples. This is something that will be available in our Christmas Crafting packs and it is also something you can find in crafting shops or online. Take a look on Pinterest for Shrink Plastic examples - there are some amazing things to be made with this.

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To continue our crafting with nature tasks, this week we are looking at how to get started with bulb planting. Vanessa will show you a step by step guide to getting bulbs ready for the winter. A lot of plants grow fine indoors so give it a try.

We have bulb packs ready to collect!

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