• Amy Errington

Happy Harvesting: New Blog Activities

We are linking back to nature again this week through our harvest themed blog tutorials. This complements our post packs, which you will soon receive, as well as the current changing of the seasons.

In our first tutorial you will learn how to create a wee pine cone owl, by using templates to cut felt.

This is a great excuse to get our for a walk in order to pick up your pine cone - linking crafting with exercise and our wellbeing.

You could use these to create an autumn themed display at home to celebrate the start of the harvesting season.

There are many ways to personalise your owl too, such as adding glitter or bows. The templates provide a starting point, however you have a lot of freedom over the end result. Get creative!

To read the full tutorial, click here.

For the second activity, we are challenging you to start harvesting yourself by getting out into nature. There are many resources out there which teach you more about plants that are edible, as well as plenty of recipes. Vanessa has provided an idea to get you started.

This is something that you can do without even having to leave home, if you prefer not to at the moment. Why not try growing your own herbs at home? Most can grow well indoors and look lovely as they grow.

For the full tutorial click here.

As usual, please send us a photo if you try any of these activities. We would love to see what you get up to.