• Amy Errington

Makeover Your Life with Post Pack 20

The idea of a 'makeover' can be applied to many aspects of our lives: our thought processes, way of being and lifestyle. Additionally for us, this is a great way to approach crafting! In your post pack this week, you will find:

  • Wellbeing: An article about the power behind transforming negativity, and a thought provoking piece about emotions.

  • Health: A fun article about approaching things differently, using knitting as an example, and four ideas for transforming your lifestyle in small ways with big results.

  • Creativity: A tutorial on local photography which reflects the change that Glasgow has gone through, three quick ideas for transforming and upcycling old household items into something new and three colouring pages.

We would love to see a photo of anything you make. You can contact us using these details.