• Amy Errington

Melt, Blend and Doodle: New Online Tutorials

We have two new colourful and creative tutorials for you to try this week.

In our first tutorial, Vanessa has looked at how to create a print using melted crayons. To make these extra creative, she shows you how to add a fun message to the middle of the blended colours which can say anything you wish.

This would make an amazing cover to a birthday card or a fun print for your wall - particularly if you filled the centre with an inspiring message or something that has meaning to you.

You could try this many times, using different colour combinations.

To see the tutorial, click here.

In our next tutorial, Vanessa has combined both watercolour painting with doodling to create a striking landscape scene.

The contrast between bold lines and blended colours makes this a fun and strong image that would look great up on the wall.

To try this activity, click here.

We would love to see photos of your creations if you make either of these!