• Amy Errington

New Online Class Schedule: APRIL - MAY

New Online Classes

Our new online class schedule for April and May is here!

There is plenty to choose from - including crafting classes and art based activities with our tutors Vanessa, Fiona, Flo and Marion and sewing sessions with Morag. We also have a new block of our Breathing and Wellbeing classes running with our tutor Rachel.

These groups are a great place to learn new skills, be creative and connect with others. Classes take place using zoom and last for one hour, though - as you will see - some classes run over a number of weeks.

You can choose to take part and chat, or watch along anonymously. Do whatever you are comfortable with.

In line with current guidance, our pack collection drop-in is still closed. Instead, we can post out the materials to you before the sessions, or you can choose to use your own supplies.

What else is available?

Here is a reminder of the other services we have available:

  • Online Tutorials: Every week you will find two new online tutorials here on the blog.

  • Paper Packs: A mini creative magazine and paper based activities sent to you every Friday.

  • Craft Boxes: These contain the materials and instructions needed for five mini projects that you can do in your own time. New packs are sent every Friday.

Get in touch if you would like any further information, or to sign up.