• Amy Errington

Paper and Planting: New Blog Tutorials

We have two new tutorials for you - take a look at our activity page for the details.

For our first tutorial, Vanessa encourages you to use up left over paper pages from previous projects - turning them into something new. After cutting these into shapes, you can sew them together to create a colourful and fun bunting. If you are in Govan, come and have a look at our new window display where you will see examples made by Vanessa.

Click here for the tutorial.

In our second tutorial you will learn more about propagating plants. Vanessa has provided instructions for lavender, mint and blackberries, so there are plenty of options based on your likes and preferences.

Getting out into nature is a wonderful way to improve wellbeing and do something creative at the same time. You may have noticed quite a few links to nature and walking in your post packs - this is something that we both enjoy and encourage you to do also, as it is fun and free.

Take a look at the tutorial here.

As usual, if you make any of these crafts, please send us a photo.