• Amy Errington

Plate Art and Moss Hangers: New Blog Tutorials

We have two new creative tutorials available to inspire your creativity this week.

Our first tutorial will show you how to make a decorative plate with only three materials.

One of the great things about this kind of project is that you can do whatever you want - patterns, names, images - be as creative as you can.

Why not make a matching set, or try out different items?

Click here to read the tutorial.

Next, you will find further inspiration for a nature based project: Moss Ball hangings that incorporate bulbs, such as daffodils.

As you will see in the examples, you can use different decorations to go for a style that suits you. Vanessa has shown you a natural looking example, and one with a bit of bling!

This is a great activity that you can do inside to get connected with nature.

Click here to read more.

Have fun crafting!