• Amy Errington

Pour and Stitch - New Online Tutorials

We have two new creative tutorials published and ready for you to try out.

Inspired by a suggestion from one of you, Vanessa has created a tutorial on Paint Pouring.

As you will see from the photos, you can create amazing, blended pieces using whatever colours you may have.

This is the sort of project that gives different results each time you try, so why not make a mini series of canvases using different colours and with different blending effects.

Click here to see the tutorial.

Our next project is Cross Stitching. Vanessa has researched a number of resources - both a beginners guide to cross stitch for those who have not tried it before, as well as a link to our Pinterest page, where she has found many patterns for you to try.

This is a really calming and relaxing activity that can alleviate anxiety.

Finished cross stitch patterns also make great decorations for your home.

Click here to see the tutorial.

As usual, if you make anything we would love to see a photo.

Stay safe, well and creative!