• Amy Errington

Printing and Photography: Positive Mindset Activities

A positive mindset is something that we can both develop through crafting, and also use to inspire our creativity. This week, our two blog tutorials focus on the idea of thinking positive and keeping well.

In activity one, Vanessa shows you how to create bright postcards which feature words or phrases that have meaning to you.

Try this a few times to achieve different effects with the ink.

You can create one of these using materials that you have at home, or collect a pack of materials from Gallery 966 during our collection times.

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Our next activity provides inspiration for a photography project, with the aim that by taking the time to look at our surroundings we can bring focus to the things that make us happy.

As most of us have a camera on our phones, this is something that is very easy to get started with. You could even set out a few minutes a day initially to give it a try.

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If you try any of these activities, please send us a photo!