• Amy Errington

Pumpkins and Autumn Displays: New Blog Tutorials

Our two new blog tutorials will give you plenty of autumn themed crafting inspiration.

We are completing our autumnal display with our first tutorial this week - Pumpkin Decorating. This is perfect timing for those who want to give it a try tomorrow, for Halloween. Vanessa will show you three methods of decorating your pumpkins - full carving, part carving and no carving. You additionally get to use the inside of the pumpkin and seeds to create lovely autumnal food (such as pumpkin soup!)

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Once you have completed this, use your autumn themed crafts from the last few weeks to put together a beautiful display. You can combine items such as the Felt Toadstools, Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins, along with any other autumn crafts you may have. Perhaps you still have the autumn wreaths made in classes last year? To get inspiration for your display, have a look at some of the arrangements that Vanessa has put together.

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Happy crafting!