• Amy Errington

Star Craft: New Blog Tutorials

Our two star themed tutorials for this week will give you wonderful decorations to put up around your home.

In the first, we are putting together a star garland, which can be decorated with glitter - or anything you can think of.

The materials for this activity were provided in one of our recent collection packs, so many of you will already have what you need to give it a try.

You could put this up on a wall, or even wrap it around your tree.

Click here to read more.

Next, we are looking at how to create a beautiful star out of paper.

The example is in a stunning gold, however this can be done in any colour you like: you could even recycle some old pieces of paper or thin card.

This would look lovely by itself, or you could make a few of them and string them together.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Enjoy crafting your stars!