• Amy Errington

Sun Inspired

Vanessa has been inspired by the wonderful sunshine we are currently getting for our new activities this week.

Our first activity takes a group favourite - decoupage - and looks at a new way of using this in crafting. By upcycling a glass jar, we can create a beautiful decorative piece for our homes. As Vanessa notes in her tutorial, why not put this in a bright spot in your home to catch the light, or put a small light inside (such as one of those battery powered tealights) to show the layered effect of the paper.

This would also make a lovely gift for someone (especially if it was filled with something like chocolate!)

I am going to try making one to put in my window.

Click here to read the tutorial.

Our next activity for this week is also inspired by looking at the effects of light and how we can decorate our homes in a cheery way. Following the success of the sun catcher stars that you made earlier this year for the Window Wanderland event, Vanessa has explored this further and created a fun tutorial to try - with alternative folding techniques. You can even try your own folding technique and invent a completely unique star.

This is a great way of using up old tissue paper that you may have left over from gift wrapping presents.

Click here to find out more.

We hope that you give these a try, and send us a photo if you do.