• Amy Errington

Today's Art: Post Pack 33

Art is constantly changing and reflecting our culture and imagination - something we will explore further in our post pack this week. As well as looking at specific modern artists, we will explore how to be creative ourselves at a time when there are limits on normal activity.

In Pack 33 you will find:

  • Wellbeing: An article about Jill Burrow - with some great examples of her work - and an introduction to Allison Kunath, who talks about control in her art.

  • Health: An article about Forrest Bathing and a step by step guide to sewing your own face mask, with a template.

  • Creativity: A tutorial inspired by Tom Hovey, looking at drawing delicious cakes, a tutorial on combining geometric shapes with portraits, with tracing paper, and two colouring pages.

You will also receive more information about our new Craft and Chat group.

Enjoy your pack - we hope it is like visiting an art gallery from home!