• Amy Errington

Transformation Art: New Blog Activities

We are thinking about the power of transformation for our 'makeover' theme this week. We can use arts and crafts to transform something into something completely different.

For those of you interested in arts and art history, we have a fascinating research project to get you started. Vanessa challenges you to think about the transformation of art pieces in order to challenge, alter or emphasise certain concepts.

She provides a link to a TED Talk to further your thinking on the topic, as well as showing a powerful example.

Read more here.

To inspire you with a crafting project to do at home, Vanessa has looked at creating collages in our second tutorial. This is something that you can do with a huge range of materials. Why not cut up old leaflets or magazines to create something completely new?

Many of you will have tried this when creating the new year mood boards with Vanessa in January, so how about making a summer themed board?

Click here for the full tutorial.

We would love to see a photo of anything you make at home!