• Amy Errington

Travel and Explore with Post Pack 32

We are visiting Mexico, Brazil, Peru and more this week, as we travel around America to experience different cultures and inspire our creativity.

In Pack 32 you will find:

  • Wellbeing: An article about Frida Kahlo and the healing power of art, and an article on the history of the Piñata (with a mini guide on creating your own).

  • Health: A step by step guide on Salsa dancing and a recipe for Brazillian Brigadeiro Truffles.

  • Creativity: Inspirtaion for Peruvian weaving based activities - from making a weaving loom, to joining our weaving class or colouring in a weaving pattern - and templates to make your own sugar skull garland or decorations, as well as two colouring pages.

Enjoy your 'visit'!

Here are your packs getting printed. Both printers have decided they are going to work today!