• Amy Errington

Wool Egg Cosy and Pebble Painting: New Blog Tutorials

Our two new blog tutorials for this week both give amazing results, but only require a few materials which can be found around the house or from nature.

In tutorial one, Vanessa will talk you through how to create a wee Egg Cosy. All you need is wool, a card tube and scissors. These cute little hats can be added to eggs or - as we will soon see in the shops - little easter eggs perhaps. They are the perfect size for a crème egg.

This activity was done in one of our online classes, so packs are available if you need wool.

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Next, we will look at Pebble Art: a project that can be adapted to any theme. When out for a walk, try and find a few pebbles to use for your project. Follow the inspiration in out tutorial to get started and have a look online (such as Pinterest) at some of the amazing pebble art projects people have put together.

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Enjoy your crafting!